best beachs in weymouth and dorset
best beachs in weymouth and dorset

9 Best Beaches In Weymouth – Exploring Dorsets Beaches

Discover the stunning beaches of Weymouth in this comprehensive guide. From the lively Weymouth Beach to the tranquil Ringstead Bay, find the perfect spot for families, couples, or adventure seekers in this charming corner of Dorset.

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Weymouth, nestled on the Dorset coast, is a town celebrated for its stunning beaches. These expanses of golden sand, framed by the ever-changing hues of the sky, offer a captivating spectacle in both winter and summer months, regardless of the weather (ok, maybe not in the rain…).

But their appeal extends beyond their visual beauty. Each beach, from the vibrant Weymouth Beach to the peaceful Castle Cove Beach, has its own distinct charm and a variety of activities, attracting both locals and tourists alike.

The beaches here are one of the biggest draws to the region. With so many other fun things to do in Weymouth, make sure you save yourself enough time to get around the popular beaches listed in this article, and if needed, book yourself a night in one of the top hotels in Weymouth.

My goal? Delve into the very best Weymouth beaches and uncover the unique attributes that make each one of them super special. This way, you can ensure that your Weymouth travel itinerary has everything checked off so you don’t miss a single thing during your stay.

Ready to dive into the best beaches in Weymouth and those close by? Let’s get to it…

Top 9 Beaches In Weymouth You Have To Visit…

busy and crowded weymouth beach
Photo credit: Tudor Barker (Flickr)

Weymouth Beach

Stepping onto Weymouth Beach for the first time was like stepping into a postcard. The sounds of the waves lapping against the shore, the feel of the soft sand underfoot, and the sight of the sun glistening on the water created an immediate sense of arrival.

Weymouth Beach is definitely a sight to behold and definitely one of the best beaches in Weymouth for families. Its golden sands stretch out invitingly, offering ample space for beachgoers and kids to both relax and play.

The sandy beach is framed by an impressive backdrop of Georgian architecture, a nod to the town’s rich history. The buildings, with their pastel facades and ornate detailing, add a touch of elegance to the beachfront.

The beach was a hive of activity when I arrived around midday. At the pavilion side of the beach, children and adults alike were enjoying donkey rides – a traditional British seaside pastime that brought smiles to many faces.

The calm waters of the bay were perfect for paddle boarding, with several enthusiasts skimming across the surface. A lively game of beach volleyball was underway, the players’ laughter and shouts of encouragement adding to the beach’s vibrant atmosphere.

greenhill beach in dorset on a windy day
Photo credit: Garry Knight (Flickr)

Greenhill Beach

Leaving the lively atmosphere of Weymouth Beach behind, the journey to Greenhill Beach was a pleasant stroll along the esplanade. The path, lined with charming beach huts and offering panoramic sea views, provided a delightful transition between the two beaches.

Greenhill Beach presented a contrast to its bustling neighbour. The atmosphere here was one of tranquillity, the beach quieter and more relaxed. The beach is bordered by beautiful gardens, their vibrant blooms adding a splash of colour to the seaside landscape.

The calm waters of Greenhill Beach were ideal for a leisurely swim, while the spacious sands provided the perfect spot for sunbathing. Visitors were spread out on their towels, some engrossed in books, others simply soaking up the sun.

As I sat there and watched a young family enjoying a picnic, an unsuspecting seagull decided to join in the feast. With a swift swoop, it made off with a sandwich, leaving behind a trail of laughter. It was a humorous reminder of the local wildlife’s fondness for beach picnics.

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bowleaze beach in weymouth dorset
Photo credit: Colin Lee (Flickr)

Bowleaze Cove

After hearing tales from locals about the beauty of Bowleaze Cove, the anticipation of visiting was high. The stories painted a picture of a scenic cove that was a must-visit spot situated to the east of Weymouth Bay.

Bowleaze Cove did not disappoint. The cove was a natural beauty, with its rugged cliffs and pebbled beach. The view from the top was particularly breathtaking, offering a panoramic vista of the coastline.

The cove offered a variety of activities. Exploring the rock pools revealed a fascinating array of marine life, while the nearby amusement arcade provided a fun diversion.

explore castle cove best weymouth beach in uk
Photo credit: Steve Matthews (Flickr)

Castle Cove Beach

Tucked away from the main tourist trail, the discovery of Castle Cove Beach was a delightful surprise during the visit to Weymouth. This hidden gem, nestled between the more popular Weymouth and Greenhill beaches, offered a peaceful retreat.

Castle Cove Beach is unique in its historic significance. Once a landing point for cargo ships, it now serves as a quiet haven for beachgoers. The beach is smaller and more secluded than its counterparts, with a charming mix of sand and shingle that adds to its character.

The clear waters of Castle Cove Beach are ideal for snorkelling, offering a chance to explore the underwater world. The beach is also known for its fossil-rich cliffs, making it a popular spot for fossil hunting.

chesil beach voted best beach in weymouth
Photo credit: Lincharnley (Flickr)

Chesil Beach

The journey to Chesil Beach was filled with anticipation. Known for its unique structure and part of the Jurassic Coast, this beach had been on the radar since the beginning of the Weymouth trip.

Chesil Beach is unlike any other. This 18-mile stretch of pebbles is a geological wonder, forming a barrier beach that’s a haven for wildlife. The sight of the pebbles, each one unique, stretching out as far as the eye can see is truly impressive.

The beach is a popular spot for fishing, with locals and visitors casting their lines in the hope of a catch. Bird watching is another favoured activity, thanks to the diverse species that call this beach home. 

overcombe beach favourite beach in weymouth
Photo credit: Julian Walker (Flickr)

Overcombe Beach

The next stop on the Weymouth beach tour was Overcombe Beach. Located on the outskirts of the town, this beach promised a change of pace from the bustling Weymouth Beach.

Overcombe Beach is a sandy stretch that offers stunning views of the Jurassic Coast. The beach is backed by grassy dunes, providing a picturesque setting for a beach day.

The beach is a popular spot for water sports, with windsurfers and kite surfers often seen taking advantage of the wind conditions. For those preferring to stay on land, the flat sands are perfect for a leisurely stroll.

pebbly preston beach near weymouth
Photo credit: David Borland

Preston Beach

Preston Beach, located between Overcombe and Weymouth, was the perfect place to end the first day of my beach-hopping adventure.

Preston Beach is a long, pebbly beach that offers plenty of space for beachgoers. The promenade, lined with colourful beach huts, adds a charming touch to the beach scenery.

The beach is ideal for a peaceful walk, with the sound of the waves providing a soothing soundtrack. The shallow waters also make it a safe spot for a swim.

westbay beach best beach in dorset
Photo credit: Unknown

West Bay

The exploration of Dorset’s coastline continued on day two with a trip to West Bay. Known as the ‘Golden Gateway’ to the Jurassic Coast, this beach was a highly anticipated part of the journey.

West Bay is a stunning beach, framed by towering golden cliffs that have featured in television series like Broadchurch. The beach itself is a mix of sand and shingle, with the River Brit meeting the sea at one end.

The beach is a popular spot for fossil hunting, with the cliffs offering a glimpse into the area’s ancient past. The harbour is also a hub of activity, with fishing boats coming and going throughout the day.

popular beach in weymouth for families
Photo credit: Places2seeplaces2go (Tripadvisor)

Ringstead Bay

The final stop on the Dorset beach tour was Ringstead Bay. This secluded beach, located to the east of Weymouth, promised a tranquil end to the beach-hopping adventure.

Ringstead Bay is a beautiful, pebbly beach that offers stunning views across Weymouth and Portland. The beach is backed by a natural reserve, adding to its peaceful atmosphere.

The clear waters of Ringstead Bay are perfect for swimming and snorkelling. The beach is also a starting point for coastal walks, with trails leading up to the White Nothe chalk cliffs.

The Best Beach For…

Each beach in Weymouth certainly has its own unique charm and offers a variety of activities, making them a must-visit for anyone travelling to this part of Dorset in search of beaches.

For families with kids, Weymouth Beach stands out with its golden sands, traditional seaside activities like donkey rides, and a vibrant atmosphere that children will love. The calm waters are perfect for a safe swim, and the beach’s close proximity to the town’s amenities makes it convenient for families.

Couples might find the tranquillity of Greenhill Beach more appealing. This beach offers a quieter atmosphere, beautiful gardens, and ample space for a romantic picnic or a leisurely walk along the shore.

Adventure seekers should not miss Chesil Beach and West Bay. Chesil Beach, with its unique 18-mile stretch of pebbles, is a haven for wildlife and a popular spot for fishing. West Bay, on the other hand, offers the thrill of fossil hunting and the chance to explore the stunning golden cliffs.

From the lively Weymouth Beach to the peaceful Ringstead Bay, this guide offers a glimpse into the diverse beach experiences that Weymouth has to offer.

Whether you’re a family, a couple, or an adventure seeker, there’s a beach in Weymouth that’s perfect for you. Happy exploring!

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