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Your Ultimate Newquay Accommodation Guide: Discover Where to Stay for Every Budget

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Newquay, with its stunning coastline and vibrant surf culture, is no stranger to welcoming travellers from all walks of life. The range of accommodations here is as diverse as the visitors it attracts and the many things to do here.

Whether you’re a solo backpacker looking for a fun night out, a family on a seaside holiday, or a couple looking for a luxurious getaway, there’s a place for you and a Newquay travel itinerary to suit every single one of you out there.

Budget-Friendly Accommodation

For budget-conscious travellers and solo adventurers, Newquay offers a selection of hostels and budget hotels that promise a comfortable stay without breaking the bank.

These accommodations are often quite social, with communal spaces and sometimes even on-site bars and clubs. They provide an excellent opportunity to meet fellow travellers and share stories, tips, and perhaps even plan joint adventures;

  1. Pentire Hotel: Staying at the Pentire was a pleasant surprise. The rooms were comfy, clean, and offered great value for money. The proximity to Fistral Beach was a plus for early morning walks.
  2. Premier Inn Newquay: The Premier Inn was a solid choice for budget-conscious travellers. The rooms were compact but well-designed, and the staff was helpful. The beachfront location was a convenient starting point for exploring Newquay and getting down on to the waves.
  3. Great Western Hotel: The Great Western offered a mix of affordability and great sea views. The rooms were simple yet comfortable, and the on-site restaurant served a hearty breakfast.

Mid-Range Accommodation

Mid-range options, including boutique hotels and well-appointed guesthouses, provide an excellent balance between cost and comfort.

Often family-run, these accommodations frequently deliver personalised service and charm that can make your stay feel special. They often feature on-site dining options and comfortable rooms, and many are conveniently located near Newquay’s main attractions;

  1. Fistral Beach Hotel and Spa: At Fistral Beach Hotel, I enjoyed waking up to splendid beach views. The room was well-appointed and the spa was top-notch. Their heated indoor pool was a bonus for relaxation.
  2. Oceanside Hotel: Staying at Oceanside (previously called Carnmouth) felt like a boutique experience. The room was stylish and the hotel was just a stone’s throw away from Fistral Beach. The sunsets from the terrace were truly outstanding.

Luxury Accommodation

For those looking to splurge, Newquay doesn’t disappoint. Luxury hotels and resorts offer high-end amenities, such as spas, fine dining, and rooms with stunning views. These top-end accommodations are ideal for travellers seeking a lavish getaway, with a focus on relaxation and indulgence.

Many of these accommodations also offer easy access to Newquay’s beaches or panoramic ocean views, adding a touch of natural beauty to your luxury stay;

  1. Watergate Bay Hotel: This stay was luxury at its finest. The beachfront rooms offered breathtaking views, and the hotel’s outdoor swimming pool and restaurants added to the upscale feel.
  2. Lewinnick Lodge: Lewinnick Lodge was the epitome of luxury with a touch of privacy. The suites were elegant, and the panoramic sea views from the cliff edge were something to behold.
  3. The Scarlet Hotel: The eco-friendly approach of The Scarlet was impressive. The rooms were spacious and luxurious, with fantastic ocean views. The cliff-top hot tubs were a unique and enjoyable experience.

My Favourite Hostel Stays

Over the years, I have stayed in a number of different hostels down in Newquay. They are super appealing to budget travelers, solo adventurers, and those seeking a lively atmosphere.

I will be honest right now, St Christophers always pulls me back every time (I use the chain all over the country), but the others are also solid choices just in case your first choice is full;

  1. St. Christopher’s Inn Newquay: Known for its friendly vibe and great location near the beach, this hostel often ranks high with young travelers and backpackers. Its on-site bar, Belushi’s, is a popular spot for socializing and partying.
  2. Newquay International Backpackers: This hostel offers budget-friendly options and is conveniently located in the town centre, close to local amenities and nightlife. It’s a favourite amongst solo travellers for its communal areas perfect for meeting new people.
  3. The Escape Surf Lodge: Notably popular among surfers and those looking to ride the waves, this hostel is close to Fistral Beach. It also offers an on-site bar and club, which often hosts live music, making it ideal for those looking for a lively atmosphere.

Additionally, Newquay has a healthy selection of self-catering options, from beachfront cottages to modern apartments in the town centre. Ideal for families or groups, these accommodations offer the freedom to set your own pace, cook meals, and enjoy a home-away-from-home atmosphere.

No matter your budget or travel style, you’re likely to find accommodations in Newquay that not only meet your needs but also enhance your visit to this beautiful seaside town. Always remember to book in advance, particularly during the peak summer season, to secure the best deals and availability.

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