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By Carley Steel

Podiatrist | London, UK

As we all know, toenail fungus can look unsightly and is incredibly contagious. And if you have ever suffered with it before, the chances are you already know to never step foot around a pool or locker room without a pair of sandals.

If you have toenail fungus right now, or just looking for ways to prevent it in future, here are 8 common mistakes to watch out for:

1. Thinking your spa or nail salon is safe – Before you dip your little toes into the pedicure tub or let them go to work on your nails with their tools, first ask them whether they sterilize all of their equipment. And, of course, always wear your sandals when walking around damp areas. 

2. Forgetting to disinfect your shower or bathtub – Warm, wet areas like your shower tray and bathtub are breeding grounds for toenail fungus. Make sure you regularly clean them with a bleach-based cleaner.

3. You wear tight, thick or heavy footwear – Thick, heavy boots usually get sweaty during the day and toenail fungus will love it. Also, tight, closed shoes can put painful pressure on infected toenails which can make things worse. Instead, wear loose, light and breathable footwear. Open-toe shoes are even better.

4. You wear the same shoes every single day – Feet get sweaty during the day – we know that. Allow 24hrs for your shoes to fully dry between uses by alternating your footwear each day.

5. Hoping your toenail fungal infection will go away on its own – We all wish toenail fungus would just disappear. Unfortunately, it is usually chronic and likely to spread to other toes and even other parts of your body. Make sure you treat it right away.

6. Relying on topical creams or treatments all the time – Over-the-counter topical treatments can help, but relying on them all the time doesn’t tackle the root cause of the issue. Sometimes, natural remedies and a healthy immune system work far better

7. Your immune system is low – By maintaining a healthy immune system, you better equip your body to fight off any ailments such as fungus infections far more effectively A healthy immune system can also ward off any future infections as well.

8. You have a nutrient deficiency – Nutrient inadequacy is one of the major causes of skin problems, including toenail fungus infections. A lack of key nutrients, such as crucial vitamins and minerals, can result in serious health problems and is the main cause of a weakened immune system (which we already know is important to ward off and help with toenail fungus)

A more effective way to tackle your unsightly toenail fungus is to work on restoring your key nutrients, resolving deficiencies and naturally boosting your immune system. 

You can achieve this simply by taking two immune-boosting supplements every day. You can try these revolutionary supplements completely risk-free where you are covered by a ‘no questions asked’ 60-day money-back guarantee. 

We’re that confident you’re going to love the improvements.

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