how to use a travel cot
how to use a travel cot

How To Use Your Baby Travel Cot Like A Pro

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Ever wondered how to use a travel cot when you’re away? Or whether you even need one? In this article, we are going to be answering some of the more common questions, just like these.

When you’re travelling with a baby, your first priority is usually to make sure that the little one is comfortable throughout your journey. But when you reach your destination, you might find you’ve forgotten to tend to your baby’s sleeping arrangements. To make sure that the baby gets a good night’s sleep, it’s well recommended that you bring a baby travel cot to resolve any sleeping arrangements for your baby and ensure the best night’s sleep for a happy baby.

But how do you use a travel cot? We got you covered in this article with a lot of the frequently asked questions.

Travel cots often come with useful features like a changing pad so you can quickly and swiftly take action when your baby has done a number 2, or a storage basket on the side for diaper sand cleaning wipes. Some of them even come with a cute overhead mobile to entertain the little one, and sometimes they include a music box that plays lullabies to help get your baby off to sleep.

As you can see, a travel cot for your baby is an extremely helpful piece of kit when it comes to keeping everyone happy on your next holiday with babies and toddlers.

If you think that a travel cot is too complicated to figure out on your travels, don’t worry! This is the ultimate guide to using your travel cot like a pro.


How To Use A Travel Cot


baby travel cot with dimensions
Our favourite for ease of use


How to fold a baby travel cot:

You may find that setting up the travel cot is easy, but dismantling it for storage or future travels might confuse you. First, take out the mattress and fold it up. Remove all the detachable accessories, like the mobile.

Next, pull up the rod in the centre to release the locks. You will now be able to push bars that frame the cot. Push them down and this will allow you to completely fold up the crib, bringing the ends together, easily compact for you to put in its travel bag, along with its other accessories.


How to fix a baby travel cot:

The most common problem that people have with a travel cot is that it will not stand up properly, causing it to be unstable and potentially unsafe for a baby. If you want to know how to fix a baby travel cot, then we might have a fix for you before it gets tossed on the scrap pile!

If you are unable to push down the base of your travel cot, check the sides and make sure that the bars of the frame is pushed down and completely locked in place.

You will be unable to push down the base until the sides are locked. You can also try closing it up to loosen the mechanism and open it up again to see if the bars will lock this time.

Remember, you must always lock the frame first before the base of the cot. If it doesn’t work, it might be best to send back the cot to the store for a refund or replacement, as it may be defective.


how to fix a travel cot guide
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To further convince you that a travel cot is worth your investment, a travel cot can be used by babies from birth until they weigh about 15 kilograms. Some parents may use this to their advantage by making it their baby’s permanent bed at home. As long as you always make sure it is steady, safe, and secure, it will be okay for the baby to sleep in until they are too big for it.

Using it as your baby’s permanent bed will also help your baby with familiarity, comfort, and the feeling of home when you take it with you on your travels. It also costs less than a traditional crib, and it won’t be a heavy burden on your budget. Other than sleep, your baby may also use the travel cot for playtime at home, or anywhere you go.

And that’s it! That was our ultimate guide for how to use a travel cot like a pro. Our tips and advice will make sure that you use your travel cot to its fullest potential and get the most out of it. We hope this helps you make your travels with a travel cot a lot easier for your next trip!

can a baby sleep in a travel cot long term
The best all-rounder travel cot packed with a ton of extra features



Can you use a travel cot long term?

Generally, travel cots are made for shorter uses or for a little daytime nap when at home. However, not all travel cots are created equally. Some brands of travel cots will have a sturdier frame and heavy base to the cot, so providing everything is safe and secure, there is absolutely no reason why some travel cots can’t be used for full-time use

Is it OK to buy a second-hand travel cot?

Absolutely! Just remember that if you buy a second-hand travel cot, you want to make sure that the mattress (if it comes with one) is in good condition and thoroughly cleaned before use. Ensure that the frame is showing no signs of deterioration and is wiped down with gentle detergent.

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