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8 Top Tips For A Perfect First Holiday With A Baby

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For some people, holidays and babies may not often go together. However, the determined parent shouldn’t let this deter them from planning their first holiday with a baby. Going on a holiday with babies and kids can be a fun, fulfilling, and memorable event. The secret lies in getting the prep work done early on, and this all starts with having the right tips and tricks to make sure things go smoothly and according to plan.

If the question “how can I have a good holiday with kids?” ever keeps you up at night, you’re not alone. It can often fill you with anxiety just thinking about it! But not to fear… we’re here to help!

So, how to holiday with a baby without the stress? Crap your favourite cuppa and read on.


how can i have a good holiday with kids


Top 10 Tips For A Perfect Family Holiday With Babies:


1 . Make Sure Your Baby’s Health Status Is Current And Up To Date.

A baby in excellent health is less likely to make a fuss when out travelling or when in unfamiliar territory. Have your baby checked by the doctor and pronounced fit for the upcoming holiday activities.

Take note of precautions (for example, the ideal hour your baby should already be resting or asleep). Make sure your baby’s vaccines are current depending on where you are going, and always raise your concerns and questions with a doctor, no matter how petty they may seem.


2 . Go For Places That Are Baby-Friendly.

How to holiday with a baby for the first time? quick and obvious tip – make sure you get all the bases covered.

If you’re planning on a trip with your baby, choose places that are constructed according to their needs and abilities. These places have your baby’s safety and comfort as their utmost concern. For instance, if you’re eyeing a particular resort, check if they have shallow pools or areas where your baby can play around and frolic in safely.

Check if they have licensed lifeguards on duty. Ask about their in-house clinic as well in case your baby gets a cold or feels fussy during your stay. Knowing there are medical personnel on standby adds to your peace of mind.


3 . Check The Weather.

External factors may be out of your control when it comes to planning your family’s holiday, but at least you can prepare for them. One of the top things to check when going on your first holiday with a baby is your destination’s weather.

Okay, even if you’re staying put, you need to check what the weather’s going to be like during your event. At least you know what type of clothes to bring. For sure your baby wouldn’t want to be all bundled up in sweaters in hot, humid weather. Remember, the point is for you and your baby to both have fun on the holidays.


4 . Invest In A Quality Baby Bag.

When on a family holiday, your baby’s items need to be accessible and easy to bring along. Is this possible, you ask? Indeed it is. The trick is to go for a baby bag that’s not only superb in quality but also excellent in storage capabilities.

Go for a bag with indoor and outdoor pockets for organization. A baby bag in waterproof material works well, too. Throw in a touch of fun by choosing bags in fun, kid-friendly colours. Many will definitely agree with this: having easy access to your baby’s belongings is no secret to the experienced mum, so let’s bring this experience with us on our first holiday with your baby


travel bag for kids with extra pockets


5 . Make A Checklist Of All Your Baby Must-Haves.

Instead of stressing about how you can have a good holiday with kids before you head off, take a little time to create a checklist of all those essentials you know your baby and kids will need.

I mean, you’ve now got your terrific baby bag…it’s just time to figure out what to put in it.

Do away with feeling overwhelmed by creating a list of the items you and your baby cannot absolutely leave the house without. Tip: now is not the time to rely on your brainpower or memory. A checklist provides a visual reminder of the things you need to bring with you. Your list doesn’t have to be perfect from the get-go, simply jot down the usual baby essentials you often take everywhere, then scan the list and add or remove items as needed over the next few weeks.

You’ll probably be surprised how long the list gets in such a short space of time, but it will ensure your first holiday with a baby is as fuss-free and smooth as possible.


6 . Recreate A Familiar Environment For Your Baby.

A new and unfamiliar environment can be stressful and even frightening to a baby. A stressed baby equals a fussy baby, and you wouldn’t want that when you’re out on your first holiday with your baby or kids.

Reduce the chances of any fussiness happening by bringing an object that’s familiar to your baby. A favourite toy, perhaps? Or a blanket or sheet with a familiar scent? This sends the message to your baby that they’re safe where they are and that they can rest and sleep without fear or worry.

Besides, most parents will agree that the best holidays with the little ones are those where your kids are well-rested!


baby with suncream on their face


7 . Don’t Forget The Sunscreen (And Other ‘Stress-Busting’ Toiletries)

You may think sunscreen won’t be necessary, especially if for the holidays you’re simply staying at home or are going someplace cold (and isn’t the beach). Well, nope, nope! Your baby’s skin is pretty thin and sensitive, and it will need all the protection it can get, particularly from the elements.

If you want to know how to holiday with a baby without the stress, then always play on the safe side – bring along a good supply of baby-friendly sunscreen and keep them covered up.

Always check the labels before purchasing, and make sure it’s safe for baby use. Follow the directions for use to the letter to get the sunscreen’s maximum benefits. Your first holiday with a baby should be a fun, pleasant experience, and what better way to do just that than by ensuring a sunburn-free baby? Slather it on!


8 . Keep Emergency Contacts On Hand.

The goal of keeping a list of emergency contacts for you and your baby shouldn’t fill you with fear; in fact, it’s intended to provide you the opposite. The thing is, one can never fully prepare for what’s going to happen, but be safe and make sure you have covered off every eventuality.

Keep a list of folks who can help you out in case of emergency: your doctors, your baby’s paediatrician, your trusted pharmacist, your local police station—the works. In addition, take note of whom to call for emergencies in your destination as well. Doesn’t matter if you’re at some exotic locale or at your mother-in-law’s house. Having such a list ready helps you feel in control and ready to take on anything. With one less thing to worry about, you’re sure to have your fun and best holidays with babies.


So hopefully now we have answered “how can I have a good holiday with kids?”, you can go away and start putting all of this into practice and start preparing for your first holiday with baby. Print this out and stick it on your fridge if need be, that way you’ll never forget (if you’re anything like me anyway – I’m always in the fridge hunting for snacks!)

And we also found this video from Nikole to be super helpful as well in case you like a little video reference for your travel tips with a baby as well.


Going on a holiday with the kiddos isn’t exactly a piece of cake, but the rewards will more than make up for it. Follow these top 8 tips for a spectacular first holiday with your baby, and for sure, the first one won’t be your last.

Enjoy and have fun!



Can you go on holiday with a newborn?

Absolutely! Most airlines ask that babies are at least 2 weeks old before they can travel, but there are some airlines that are fine with just 1 week. You’ll have to check with the airline that you’re flying with. Regardless of age though, just remember that they will still need their own passport (and a visa if necessary) and your travel insurance policy should also cover your baby

Where is the best place for a family holiday?

That completely depends on you! A lot of young families prefer to stick a little closer to home. It will be a shorter flight and in case of any real emergencies, you can always get back home relatively quickly. Babies are super easy to keep entertained during flights with cuddles and silly faces, but journeys longer than 3-4 hours could come with a few more curveballs.

How to plan a family holiday?

Your checklist will be your best friend and saviour here. Make sure this checklist covers everything that you need and things you need to do before the holiday starts. With the all-important toiletries, sun cream, hats and passports ticked off your list that’s hanging on your fridge door, you’ll find the whole process building up to your departure date a lot less stressful and will save you from any restless nights in the coming days before.


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