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Saranda Beach Guide – Top 9 Beaches In The Albanian Riviera

Planning on visiting Saranda and the Albanian Riviera? Perhaps you're already here and wondering what the best beaches along this magical stretch of coastline are. In this post, we are going to uncover exactly that - all of those unmissable beaches in the Albanian Riviera which deserve to be on every Albania travel itinerary. Let's go.

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If you’re knee-deep in research planning your next trip to Albania, you have no doubt come across the Albanian Riveria and the incredible beaches the south of this incredible country has on offer.

Saranda Albania sits proudly as the ‘crown jewel’ of the Albanian Riviera, situated as it is on a beautiful horseshoe bay with the Ionian Sea lapping at its shores.

The beaches in Saranda are nothing short of spectacular, and if you’re lucky enough to be visiting this part of Albania then you’ll want to learn all about the best beaches in Saranda and its surrounding areas.

To help you plan your trip to Saranda and the Albanian Riviera, we’ve compiled a list of all the best Saranda beaches in one, easy-to-follow post, so that you won’t miss out on any of these absolute gems during your time in Albania.

With so many to choose from, which Saranda beach is the best? What beaches in Saranda are worth your time and which ones will leave your friends drooling with envy.

Here is our list of the top beaches in Saranda and the surrounding areas that you won’t want to miss.


saranda beach albania


1. Saranda Beach, Albania

Of course, the first beach on our list is the most obvious one: the beach that gives Saranda its name!

Saranda Beach is a beautiful stretch of pebbly sand that’s situated right in the town centre, making it easily accessible for everyone.

The turquoise water here is crystal clear and beacons your name every time you’re walking along the promenade.

Being so centrally located, it’s perfect to pass a couple of hours here if you’re just visiting the town on a fleeting visit, or enjoy some of the many local restaurants serving up fresh seafood every single day

If you’re looking for a central Saranda beach that’s perfect for swimming, sunbathing and people watching, then this is the perfect spot.

There are other, smaller beaches in Saranda, but this one was the stand out for me.


sunset in ksamil over ksamil islands


2. Ksamil Beaches

Just a short 15-minute drive from the centre of Saranda, you’ll find the beaches of Ksamil.

These beaches are world-renowned for their natural beauty, and it’s easy to see why when you visit. Unlike most other beaches, the beaches here are spit up into dozens of smaller beaches, each in their own little coves that are secluded by jagged rocks and short walks.

Each beach comes with perfectly white sand, unlike some of the other rocky, pebble beaches across the Albanian Riviera.

The glass-like water here is also some of the clearest you’ll ever see, and with cute wooden jetties that sprawl out into the ocean from the white sandy beaches, you can instantly see the appeal the Ksamil Beaches have with every beach draped in sunbeds and umbrellas for rent.

An umbrella and 2 sunbeds set for the day will set you back around 1000-1500 Lek (£7-10).

With its close proximity to Saranda, it’s a hotspot for local and international tourists in the summer months and gets incredibly busy, with every beach draped in sunbeds and umbrellas for rent. With this though, also comes a lot of buzz, and the place really comes to life with all of the beach bars and restaurants perched behind each beach.

How to get there: Buses leave every hour from Saranda at the roundabout just north of the ferry port. It takes around 20 minutes to get here and costs 150 Lek (£1 / €1.23)

You can also take a taxi which will cost around €10, or you can drive yourself with a rental, although parking will be a challenge during high season so arrive early.

We wouldn’t be doing the beaches of Ksamil any justice without deeper dive into the best corners and coves this incredible landscape has to offer, so below are our top 3 beaches in Ksamil;


main ksamil beach best beach in saranda


Ksamil Beach

This is the main beach of Ksamil and as such becomes very busy in the summer months. You’ll walk down the path to the peach and feel like you’re Leonardo Dicaprio from that scene in The Beach.

With a nice restaurant and beach bar to the rear, you’ll be covered with all of your daily food and refreshments as well.

Here, you are also directly in front of the 4 small Ksamil islands. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can take a short swim to reach them, or higher a kayak for an hour and explore all of them with ease.


bora bora beach ksamil in saranda albania


Bora Bora Beach

Bora Bora beach In Albania is only a 5-10 minute walk from the main Ksamil Beach yet somehow feels completely different.

Nestled away behind some large rocks, this beach manages to keep a much more intimate and relaxed feel, even when it’s busier.

The water here is just as beautiful and clear as it is everywhere else in Ksamil and the restaurant serves up delicious food at a very reasonable price.

You’ll also catch one of the best views of the sunset here as well if you’re sticking around until later in the evening!


paradise beach in ksamil


Paradise Beach

Paradise beach in Ksamil is a 20-minute walk south from the main beach, but this one proves popular with campervan owners since it has a plot of land set just back from the beach itself.

It’s an all-white-sand beach again without any stones or pebbles, with a cute wooden deck that sprawls out into the sea that makes for a perfect entry point into the crystal clear water.

There is also a restaurant and beach bar here to cover all of your refreshment needs too.


lori beach saranda albania


Lori Beach

Lori beach is just a few minute’s walk from Paradise beach and you can even swim to it from there too. It’s also one of my favourite beaches close to Saranda

It’s smaller than the others but super cute and makes for a nice change if you want to mix things up a bit whilst visiting the many different Ksamil beaches.


dhermi beach albania


3. Dhërmi Beach

The second Albanian beach on our list is Dhërmi Beach. This hidden gem is located 70 kilometres north of Saranda and will take you 1 and a half hours to reach.

Your reward for making the drive? Crystal-clear waters and a long stretch of white sandy beach that’s simply perfect. Spend the day swimming, sunbathing, and snorkelling away from crowds of tourists that you’ll no doubt find on Saranda Beach and Ksamil.

There are a handful of bars and restaurants dotted behind the beach to keep you refreshed throughout the day, as well as a lovely 25-minute walk into the old town of Dhërmi if you fancy getting off the beach for an hour or so. A word of warning though – it has a steep uphill section that might be tough in the midday heat of summer so reserve it for later in the day or first thing.

If you’re looking for a beach that’s a little bit more off the beaten track, then Dhërmi Beach and its long stretch of almost wild beauty should definitely make your list of top Saranda beaches to visit.

Hot to get there: The easiest way to get here is by renting a car. It’s easy to park here and you’ll be able to explore other nearby areas as well.

You can also take a taxi and will cost around €30 each way for the 1.5-hour journey.

Overnight stay: If you wanted to tie your trip to Dhermia in with an overnight stay, then check out Greccia Hotel as a budget-friendly option or the Royal Blue Hotel that’s set in a perfect location right beside the beach.


drymades beach albania


4. Drymades Beach

Next on our list of best beaches in Saranda is Drymades Beach. This one is located a little bit further away and sits just past Dhërmi Beach, but it’s well worth the little extra effort to get there.

It’s only an extra 4km past Dhërmi which means it can easily be tied into the same day trip together.

Drymades beach is a secluded spot that’s perfect for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. It’s a great spot for swimming, sunbathing, and just relaxing in general with the crystal-clear Ionian Sea at your feet and the sloping mountains to the rear

There are a few restaurants and cafes located nearby, so you won’t go hungry or thirsty while you’re spending the day here either.

How to get there: Same as Dhërmi, you can either rent a car for the day or take a taxi that will cost you around €25 each way.


borsh beach best saranda beaches


5. Borsh Beach

Borsh Beach is widely considered to be one of the best beaches in Albania. This beach close to Saranda is well-known for its beautiful turquoise water and pebble stone sand. It’s the perfect place to relax and soak up the Albanian sun and

It is one of the longest beaches on the Albanian Riviera, stretching around 7 kilometres and over 30 meters wide in some parts, so you can be sure you’ll find a nice and peaceful spot to relax.

Borsh Beach is located 38 kilometres from Saranda and is around a 55-minute drive to get there, making it a perfect beach day trip away from Saranda Beach.

There are plenty of restaurants and cafes located nearby and all come very well reviewed, so you can refuel after a long day spent swimming and sunbathing.

How to get there: You can rent a car and easily reach Borsh Beach. It also has free parking on the dusty road just behind the long stretch of beach.

A taxi will cost you around €20 each way.


jungle beach albania


6. Jungle Beach

If you’re looking for a beach with a bit more action, Jungle Beach is the place for you. Technically still part of Borsh beach, it’s towards one end and offers a few little extras like water sports and camping

This beach is popular with locals and tourists alike and features a number of bars and restaurants, and its campsite on the beach proves really popular. You can book a plot before arriving, or opt for one of the glamping options they have on offer here.

How to get there: Same directions as Borsh Beach. You can drive and park here or you can take a taxi for around €20.

And this brings us to an end to our Saranda Beach guide! Hopefully, you have enough inspiration here to keep you occupied throughout your trip. And if you’re a beach baby just like me, then you’ll most likely want to squeeze all of these incredible beaches in Saranda into your travel itinerary, just like I did.

Enjoy 🙂

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