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What Is NOT Positive Thinking – Be Aware Of Your Thoughts

The happiness of your life depends upon the quality of your thoughts.

-Marcus Aurelius

Have you been practising positive thinking recently? Trying to be aware of your thoughts more often? Perhaps you have felt like it still isn’t quite enough sometimes? Well, partly you might not be mistaken. Positive thinking is not solely just about thinking – it’s about acting on your positive thoughts. It’s your mental process of thinking positively and practising it, like training your brain.

Some may think that it prohibits all negative thoughts instantly. No, it does not work that way. It actually works in such a way that it shifts the negative thoughts naturally, little by little, as you practise it each day.

Real positive thinking requires a decision and focus, followed by dedication. And to be honest, being positive all the time is not exactly healthy either. It’s a beautiful part of living – experiencing the good and the bad: like hardships and trials. But you know what, you might not have control over it, but you have control over how you perceive it.

What is the root cause of negative thinking? It is a combination of various negative thoughts such as unpleasant past recollections, negative experiences of the present and unlikely expectations of the future. Since all of them are part of the human experience, everybody tackles them and faces them every day. It’s a normal part of life.


be aware of your thoughts to be more positive


That’s also the reason why every time you browse the self-help books section, either in an online shop or a physical bookstore, you’ll be able to come across them and can’t help noticing that most of them are about positive thinking.

Obviously, not because it’s a trend, but because it’s a common universal human experience. And to deeply understand what it is, let’s debunk the things that are NOT positive thinking:


Expecting a Positive Outcome is not Positive Thinking.

Positive thinking requires a decision to choose. But choosing positive thinking every single time never guarantees a positive outcome. There will always be a time when the outcome is not what you expected. Because life is full of uncertainty. You can hope for the better and best in every situation and believe that no matter what the outcome is, it will only help you.

Positive thinking and being aware of your thoughts also helps you to shift your focus, and your thoughts to be more in the present and hinder you to generate negative emotions by thinking of things that do not happen yet. Avoid negative thinking by using relaxation techniques and mindfulness.


Blocking negative thinking is not Positive Thinking.

Blocking your negative thoughts is not positive thinking. It is not about you using it as a defence mechanism, forcing yourself to stay happy and faking it. Positive thinking is a process of managing your thoughts, shifting from the negative to the positive. It is letting your thoughts flow and keeping on choosing to be positive without blocking natural mental processes.

It is the kind of thing you do when you’re looking at a situation and seeing it from a different angle, more specifically, a past situation that keeps on bothering you. You have to acknowledge that the situation already happened, and then highlight the positive aspects of that situation. Because when you’re being aware of whether your thoughts are positive or negative you can form positive feelings by contradicting the negative thoughts, battling and challenging them. 


avoid negative thinking with positive thinking in a bottle


Be Aware of Your Thoughts

Unfortunately, there is no simple way to be more positive. Its not like there is a magical potion out there we can throw down our next (yet, anyway). But it does all come down to one main thing – you need to be aware of your thoughts.

Assessing your situation in the present will help you in coping more effectively with your current life challenges. And as you keep on practising positive thinking, it will eventually encourage you to learn how to break your problems down into smaller parts so they will be manageable.

Thinking positively won’t solve your problem, but it can help you face it, solve it and overcome it. It helps you build your self-esteem and confidence. As you know, self-doubt is always just around the corner, so you have to watch out for your thoughts, either good or bad. Bet you didn’t want to fall back into your negative thinking habits, patterns and cycles again.

To sum it all up, remember to be aware of your thoughts and know that positive thinking is a constant decision of just trying to see the positive side of life. It is also a decision, a promise and a commitment that you keep for yourself. Because by the end of the day, it is only you who can improve your life satisfaction.



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